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Hydronic Heating :

Hydronic Radiant Heating

Radiant heat is the most comfortable and efficient form of home heating. Radiant floor heating systems conduct heat through the floor which then broadcasts heat to every cold object in the room, especially to you. It's an unparalleled sense of comfort, and the fuel efficiencies can be tremendous. Moreover, there are no vents in the way of your furniture plan, and no forced air to stir up dust or make noise. Watts Radiant hydronic heating systems are clean, quiet, and decorators love them. With no vents or baseboards present furniture can be placed anywhere. Any type of floor covering can be installed over these systems. There simply is no match for radiant floor heating.

Our radiant heat systems warm homes, businesses, warehouses, garages, and even airplane hangars. Our hydronic tubing is easily installed in new construction and retrofitted into existing structures. Premium Onix™ tube, RadiantPEX+, or RadiantPERT Cross-linked Polyethylene tubing can be installed above or below subfloors in Staple-ups™, slabs, thin slabs, or sandwiched between subfloors. For ease of installation our innovative SubRay™ radiant heat system provides your installer with even more options and flexibility. 

Enjoy the comforts of a Watts Radiant floor heating system - you'll thank yourself again and again.

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Electric Floor Warming :

Safe, Simple, Efficient

Forget ice cold floors. HeatWeave® electric radiant heat mats and cables are designed to warm tile and stone floors in bathrooms, kitchens, entries and sunrooms. With our HeatWeave UnderFloor™ mats you can also warm almost any floor without replacing or refinishing your existing one! With fully armored and grounded power leads and twin wire design, HeatWeave is the only electric floor warming product manufactured in America that registers no measurable electromagnetic field. 

The HeatWeave electric radiant heat system is a simple, safe and efficient alternative to mechanical systems or multi-step mortar installation processes.

Snow Melting

Melt Your Troubles Away

Even in moderate climates, orientation and shading over your entrance may encourage snow and ice accumulation on your drive and walkways. Our snow melting products are designed to help protect family, friends, or customers.

Watts Radiant offers two types of snow melting systems - hydronic and electric, which can work alone or be installed as a supplement to a radiant heat system.

Hydronic Snow Melting

Our systems melt snow and ice by circulating a glycol solution fluid through tubing that is either embedded in concrete or installed beneath brick pavers. We offer two options for tubing material, Onix™ (with an aluminum oxygen barrier) and RadiantPEX® (with an EVOH oxygen barrier), which are engineered for the demands of snow melt systems.

Electric Snow Melting

Electric snow melting systems are designed for small to medium sized projects for your residence or commercial building. Contractors love it because it's simple and goes in quickly. Customers love the snow-free surfaces and the lower installed cost.


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