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General Regulator, Inc. has distinguished itself from its competition by having single tip and  heavy duty, multiple tip torches like the 2100 and 3000 series torches with and without electronic ignition. We have been manufacturing these heavy duty torches since 1978. When you observe the flame speed, flame intensity, and flame color on these multiple tip torches, you will notice that all the flames look the same. This is because we have precise control of our manufacturing process.

Our single turn regulator has dual position for either propane or MAPP® so you don't have to purchase separate propane torches or MAPP® torches. A special safety lock prevents the pressure regulator from accidentally be turned on from the off position. 

All CROSSTECH TORCHES come with and without our CROSSTECH 357TM Electronic Ignition. All of our torches use our CROSSWIRL™ BURNERS which produce an extremely hot swirl flame and are classified as air fuel, soldering torches and brazing torches. All of these torches are described in detail in this website. 

All of our products are created and engineered in the United States of America.

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